Which Type of Camper Best Describes You?

Camping, and fun camping games, are activities that many different types of people like to take part in. However, not everyone’s idea of camping is the same.

If you’ve been doing this for a while, you understand that it’s easy to encounter a variety of different personalities at your campsite. Knowing your camping style and personality can come in handy when it comes to determining your camping location, what items you should pack and how you plan to accommodate your trip.

We’ve broken the campers down into 6 different types:

  1. The Adventurer
  2. The Partier
  3. The Relaxer
  4. The Diva
  5. The Extremist
  6. The Hot Shot.

Which one describes you?

The Adventurer

This type of camper enjoys, you guessed it, adventure. The Adventurer scouts out locations that are near areas that have a tonne of sight seeing potential.

These types of campers can travel in small groups, pairs or independently. They often thrive when camping with other Adventurers, who like to take part in similar activities.

They are always the first one to dive into that mysterious body of water and if you dare them to do it at night, with their eyes closed, we bet you they would.

The Adventurer is always up at dawn with a full day packed with hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and, basically, adventuring.

This type of camper needs to be doing something all the time, you definitely won’t find them staying still for too long on their camping trips.

Their bags are packed full of reusable water bottles, energy bars and a tonne of gear. They are usually quite simplistic when it comes to their sleeping and eating accommodations.

However, when it comes to their activities, they are decked to the nines with the latest equipment to ensure safety and performance.

Ideal Locations

Locations abundant in trails, lakes, rock climbing spots and sight seeing are a must for the Adventurer. The Adventurer seeks out a challenge; basic campsites with beginner trails are not going to appeal to their thirst for adrenaline.

The more challenging, the better, so back country locations are preferred. Sites packed with tourist, families, partiers are not ideal.

The Partier

Beer? Check. Snacks? Check. Music? Check. Friends? Check. The Partier is all about having a good time when it comes to camping.

The wilderness can be an excellent setting for downing a few beers, playing some games and making some delicious campfire snacks for yourself and your friends. These types of campers often travel in packs, and you will know when they around.

The Partier doesn’t necessarily come camping to enjoy nature, nature just serves as a backdrop for an extended period of fun.

It can be a treat to encounter a Partier as they will most likely share their booze, food and party supplies with you. This camper usually come equipped with a tonne of plastic cups, paper plates, portable drinking games and an abundance of quick, easy, junk-food snacks.

If you are this type of camper, make sure that you clean up when the party is over. Plastic Red Solo Cups, tin cans and empty glass bottles can be detrimental to our animal friends!

Ideal Locations

More secluded locations would work best for the Partier, this way they won’t be disturbing anyone and no one will be disturbing their party.

Beach camp sites would also be ideal for this camper because everyone loves to party at the beach. Family sites and areas that are full of Relaxers are NOT an ideal fit.

The Relaxer

What’s more relaxing than being immersed in nature and at one with the wilderness? The Relaxer understands that camping is an excellent opportunity to escape life’s troubles and shut out the world for a little bit.

Relaxers often travel in pairs, and usually are not accompanied by children.

This camper can be spotted fishing amidst the waters of a still lake, parked in a lawn chair next to a warm toasty fire or taking a casual stroll among the nearby scenery.

The Relaxer enjoys taking part in the activities that camping has to offer, but not the extreme degree of the Adventurer. They would rather partake in leisurely activities that don’t require too much strain physically or mentally.

The Relaxer is pretty laid back in terms of planning and likes to play it by ear in terms of daily activities.

The Relaxer usually packs pretty lightly but aims to accommodate in all areas surrounding comfort. This can usually vary in degree, depending on the person and their individual preferences.

They tend to be pretty stocked in regards to campfire snacks and cooking essentials; camping is a time for them to indulge.

Ideal Locations

Location is not entirely crucial to the Relaxers enjoyment of their camping endeavors. However, sites that are prone to hosting Partiers or larger groups and families would not be ideal for this camping personality.

The Relaxer should seek out sites that are serene and peaceful so that they can relax to their full potential. Areas close to bodies of water, or deep wooded areas would be ideal for the Relaxer.

The Diva

The Diva is everyone’s least favorite camper, because the Diva isn’t really a camper.

The Diva is a person who can’t live without the comforts of home.

They would ideally rather be in a hotel than at a campsite but in some twisted turn of events they ended up camping.Most likely, this person was coerced into the trip by a friend or a partner.

We feel for the Diva, we really do, but to camping aficionados like us, they can be SO annoying! This camper will complain about everything.

The Diva will typically be seen toting an over-stuffed bag, or suitcase, of unnecessary items and potentially screaming at the sight of a bug.

The Diva will never be comfortable with the temperature of their environment and let’s not get them started on the showers.

Ideal Locations

Sites that are not too immersed in nature would be ideal for the Diva. If possible, an area that is close to a nearby town with amenities would be ideal, just in case this camper needs to make a break for it to the closest Starbucks.

A basic, beginner’s campsite in this type of area would make the trip easier for everyone involved. We would also recommend transitioning the Diva into camping by using an RV, instead of a tent.

This camper would also prefer locations that are free of insects and dirt and trees and bears and all other wildlife encounters… The ideal location for the Diva would ultimately be a hotel or a resort.

The Extremist

Not to be mistaken for the Adventurer, the Extremist takes camping to a whole new level. Camping is more of a lifestyle than a fun activity to the Extremist.

This person can be known to camp for extended periods of time, and may even live out of a campsite. They like to consider themselves “at one with nature” and may have a garden next to their campsite where they can grow fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

The Extremist could travel alone, or with their partner and family. Each member of their group must follow their lifestyle, they don’t really have much choice though.

The Extremist is extremely knowledgeable in all survival tactics in the great outdoors. This camper is likely to fish and hunt to provide food for themselves. They like to live without the unnecessary luxuries and would perhaps be considered the polar opposite to the Diva.

They are knowledgeable in the type of equipment that they need to survive but they are wise about where they invest their money. They often invest in items that are practical, durable and very portable.

Ideal Locations

Since the Extremist thrives on surviving in any and all environments, they are prone to being nomadic in terms of their campsites. As the seasons change this camper will move around to an area that is more accommodating, weather-wise.

Areas that are private and not filled with tourists would be ideal for the Extremist. They would also enjoy staying among other Extremists who take the lifestyle as seriously as they do.

The Hot Shot

The Hot Shot camper is that person who has to have the latest, and most expensive equipment, and wants everyone to know it. The Hot Shot is similar to the Diva in the sense that a lot of their cargo is often unnecessary, and they can at time be equally as annoying.

The Hot Shot will not necessarily be found complaining, as they usually have a gadget to serve each and every camping need, and more. This camper thinks they are a true camper,
but those nearby can easily see that he doesn’t know the first thing about the great outdoors.

They will often be seen trying to start a fire or pitch a tent and failing. The Hot Shot will also try to pose as an Adventurer by taking part in the most extreme of activities, whether they are physically equipped or not.

This camper could also be called The Show Off.

Ideal Locations

Busy campsites work best for the Hot Shot because they provide an opportunity to for this camper to show off their gear. In the best interest of the Hot Shot, a basic campsite that is close to local amenities would work best. However, they probably won’t take our word on that one.