The Most Hilarious Camping Moments Ever Captured On Camera

Camping is the perfect way to get in touch with nature and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the real world. With such isolation, a lot of things can happen. Luckily, with smartphones, so of these moments have been captured on camera. Here are the most hilarious camping photos ever caught on film.

In a Prickly Position

Saftey should always be your top priority when camping. You always need to know your surrounding to make sure you are safe. Unfortunately for this guy, he didn’t do such a great job.

He clearly was not paying attention and fell right into a bunch of cacti. Luckily, he wasn’t (severely) injured.  However, unluckily, it doesn’t look like the cops are too eager to help him.

Porcelain Grill

Conservation efforts have been at the forefront of international issues in recent years. Therefore, people across the globe have been looking for new ways to recycle or upcycle their items.

Whoever made this camping grill, obviously had conservation efforts in mind. Not only does it act as a grill, but it also acts as a cooler! It’s the perfect outdoor camping accessory. We just hope they did a deep clean first.

What Sign?

When you first look at this picture, it just looks like a group of people camping, possibly at a large event like a festival. However, at second glance, one might notice the bright red sign on the pole that says “no camping.”

Unfortunately, no one cared and decided that was a perfect spot to camp. Luckily, there are too many of them for the police to fine all of them. As some would say, there is always strength in numbers.

First-World Problems

When a person goes camping, he or she normally understands what he or she is in for. This means “roughing” it a little bit. A person is most likely going to have to sleep on the ground and waive technological luxuries.

However, it seems that letting go of certain things is hard for people. This photo shows a family (as it is a large tent) who wanted to experience the outdoors, but only so much, as they needed their air condition.

Tubing Toss

Along with the normal campfire and hiking, there are several activities not to be missed while camping. If you are camping near a body of water, water sports should definitely be on your list. Here we see a mother and daughter tubing on the water.

If you have ever gone water tubing, you know when the boat pulling you speeds up, it can be a bumpy ride. However, it may have been too bumpy for this little girl. Luckily, she didn’t fall into the water.

Special Delivery

Mailboxes are a staple of any home, as it is necessary to receive great things such as cards and small packages (and sadly, bills). But, what happens when your mailbox gets old and little rusty? You turn it into a camping grill, of course!

This photo is another great example that those who love camping also appreciate recycling. This mailbox now has new life as a perfect grill, but as it metal you must be careful when using it.

Oh, You’re Fancy

As stated previously, certain things go hand-in-hand with camping. Letting go of certain luxuries is one of them. Not exactly sure what was going through this person’s head when they decided the luxury sports car was the right car to bring camping.

This car is not fit for camping, and the owners are definitely going to have to take it for a car wash after. At least they are putting those scissors doors to good use.

Temporary Toilet

While camping, there is always one thing that is lacking that most people miss – toilets. Women especially have a hard time with it. Therefore, one man came up with a solution.

This person just attached a toilet seat to a bucket and voile – the perfect camping toilet. Unfortunately, someone is going to have to empty that bucket. Otherwise, it is great!

It’s Doggone Cold Outside

Dogs are like family and should be treated as so. Therefore, if you are going camping with the family pet, you should also pack protective gear for them. The weather affects them just as much as it affects you.

One family certainly did not forget and packed a nice, cozy coat for their dog. Not only does it keep the dog warm, but you can also capture an adorable picture like this one! Sadly, this dog sees nothing adorable about having to wear that jacket.

Choose: Me Or The Bike

Men often times try to defend their honor by saying “chivalry is not dead.” Unfortunately, this picture does not help their cause. For some reason, this man sleeping in the tent thought his bike deserved a spot inside.

That would be fine if there weren’t a woman sleeping on the ground outside the tent. He must really love that bike (which you can tell from the way he is also cuddling it). She should get her own tent.

Leaning Tower Of People

When a group of avid campers gets together, an awesome campsite ensues. People who hike often have the best hiking gear, such as a portable hammock. However, these campers took hammocking to the next level.

They built this unbelievable tower. Furthermore, many of the men are facing towards the ground. Hopefully, they correctly set up their hammocks or this situation could end in disaster.

Mud Spray

When you are choosing the perfect spot for your campsite, there are certain aspects of the terrain you should look for. One aspect is no rocks; there is nothing worse than sleeping on a hard rock. Second, it should be relatively dry.

No one likes a muddy campsite. Furthermore, this picture shows why mud is not your friend. Someone who parked near the tents was careless and sprayed mud everywhere. If I were the guy in the truck, I wouldn’t turn around to help them out.

Camping With Computers

While camping, a person is supposed to disconnect from the world and be in tune with nature. This guy didn’t get the memo and, sadly, could not let go of his computers. He just had to bring them with him.

Technology is an addiction for many, and clearly, this guy is addicted. Not only did he bring a phone, but he brought two computers and one looks like it is twenty years old. Do you think he has internet too?

Hey Neigh-bor!

When you are camping in nature, you are also taking some risks. You are in the wild, and therefore, you can not control the animals that are around you. You are in their home and they aren’t always happy about it.

Sometimes these animals are curious about who is imposing on their space. Therefore, you must be aware of your surroundings because you never know who or what may come knocking at your tent door.

Not A Secret Anymore

In many areas, a person may camp wherever he or she please. Often times, there are designated campgrounds. Campgrounds usually have set spots of land for you to pitch your tent and sometimes even bathroom facilities.

Unfortunately, this campground is no longer a “secret” as the sign reveals its location. We wonder why it was so secretive? That said, we aren’t curious enough to actually go there and find out. At the end of the day, it’s just another campsite.

That Doesn’t Look Safe

If you are an avid traveler or camper, you might invest in an RV. Therefore, you never lose the amenities of a house, but can still enjoy the outdoors. However, campers and RVs are expensive, and many people cannot afford them.

This person might fit into that category as he tried to build his own camper. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look too sturdy. We imagine that just getting onto the top to gain entry into that tent can be quite the challenge.

I Don’t Think That Fits

Sleeping on the ground often deters people from camping. Waking up with a sore back or hips is just the worst. Therefore, those who need softer surfaces may bring a blow-up mattress to sleep.

But, often, people forget how large a blow-up mattress is. Unfortunately, for these campers, they did not check to make sure their mattress fit before leaving. They will either be forced to sleep on the ground or outside the tent.

Never Leave Your Phone Outside

This picture is a heartbreaker right here. If there is one theme that is spread throughout this article is that technology and camping do not mix. Often times, things go awry when you try to do so. Just look how unfortunate this is.

Someone decided to bring their phone with them and clearly was using it, as they left it outside on a chair. Well, they must have forgotten about it, and it rained. Sadly, this phone doesn’t look waterproof. Next time, just leave the phone at home.

Cooking Hacks

Ask anyone what one of the best parts about camping are, and many will reply, cooking over the campfire. One staple of camping is roasting marshmallows and making smores. They are tasty and rich.

However, wouldn’t the s’more be that much better if the graham cracker was a little toasted? Well, someone figured out how to solve that problem. These must have been some tasty s’mores!

Squeeze In

We have already seen what happens when you overestimate how large you’re tent is and bring a blow-up mattress. But, what happens when you overestimate the size and have too many people.

This, this is what happens. This very make-shift tent is built for only two people. However, they have somehow crammed much more in there. From the photo, we can count five people. However, we guess there are even more people than we can see.

Cooking Cart

Whoever invented shopping cats, we salute you…..kind of. Going to the grocery store without one would be a horrible experience. Someone made the invention even more useful and also a little disgusting to some extent.

Its metal latticework makes it the perfect cooking rack for a campfire. It will also work as a great carrier to move all of the gear from the car to the campsite. It is also covered in germs and bacteria from the hundreds of people who’ve used it.

Falling Asleep Is A Dangerous Game

As a young adult, there is one rule at every gathering. Do not be the first person to fall asleep or risk getting messed with. Unfortunately, for this guy, he passed out first. Therefore, his friends (or family) took advantage of the situation.

Drawing on the face with a marker was not enough, and they took it one step further with adding marshmallows and some buns and ketchup. Although funny, not the best idea if you do not want to attract bugs.

Beach Camping Disaster

Beach camping is very underrated. Not only do you get to enjoy the pleasures of camping, but you also get to hear the waves crash in the background while feeling the salty air blow through your hair.

However, if you aren’t careful you end up in a situation like this. Make sure you park your camper far away from the shoreline as the water will creep up on you in the middle of the night.

No Pitching, No Problem

Signs often dictate what we can and cannot do. Often times, whether you like it or not, you must obey the sign. However, this one just seems rather unnecessary. It says the area is “reserved,” and normal folks aren’t allowed to pitch their tent there.

If this is the “VIP” section, I don’t want to be “very important.” I’ll take the less flooded area any day. Looks like this family didn’t check the weather report and came out camping on a horrible day.

Two Chairs & A Cooler

Camping can dawn on anyone at any time. You won’t always have time to grab a tent and sleep in luxury. Although this man certainly got creative with the tools he had around him, we aren’t sure why he decided to sleep like this?

Isn’t sleeping on two chairs with a plastic cooler in the middle slightly less comfortable than sleeping directly on the ground? However, he seems to be comfy enough. Maybe he is afraid of bugs.

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

When the weather is nice and sunny and the wind is blowing, it is the perfect opportunity to fly a kite. However, it is also the perfect opportunity to lose your tent. Tent stakes were created for a reason.

Unless you want your tent to turn into a kite on a windy day, you better invest in them. We promise you won’t regret it. Hopefully the people who owned this tent aren’t inside of it. They’d otherwise be sleeping in the clouds that day.

Floating Festival

Sometimes you just have to make the best of a bad situation and turn it into something fun and amazing. This man was attending the famed Glastonbury music festival when the area where his tent was pitch flooded.

However, he isn’t letting the water ruin his time. He decided to take his blow up mattress out for a spin. Now, he has a waterbed. Things could definitely be worse. This guy is creating a memory that won’t be soon forgotten by the masses.

Traveling Picnic

Now this is a sight to behold. Picnics are an essential part of camping. Often times, the campground will put tables spread throughout the area for public usage. However, what if you don’t want to waste any time on your vacation?

Eating on land on a normal picnic table is a waste. Kill two birds with one stone and eat your lunch on this floatable table while on the water. This doesn’t only sound comfortable, but it looks really cool.

A Bathroom With A View

When you have to go, you have to go and that isn’t always easy when in the nature. We have already seen one person get super creative by adding a toilet seat to the back of a truck. Now, this is one more step up. The ingenuity of this design is perfect.

Not only is there a place to sit and a toilet paper holder, but you couldn’t ask for a better view. However, you may ask for more privacy. Hopefully, no other boats come by while you are doing your business. That wouldn’t be so pleasant to see.

Husky In A Hammock

Hammocks are a great tool to have for any avid camper. Not only is it relaxing, but it is a great alternative to sleeping on the ground. However, humans aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the benefit of a travel hammock.

Dogs can also enjoy them as well. Luckily, we have photo evidence of just that. Not only is this photo hilarious, but also super adorable! If your thinking about using this hammock, think twice or you might get bit or at least licked.

World’s Greatest Dad?

Like picnic tables, campgrounds will often also supply charcoal grills. Although the grill looks menial, you can cook up some tasty camp foods on one of them. It’s a good alternative to the more traditional wood fire.

However, this dad isn’t being so cautious and he is letting his daughter play on the grill while cooking. Thing can end up pretty bad for the both of them if she isn’t careful. Don’t worry, this is actually all staged, but it makes for a funny photo.

Don’t Wait

Tents can be quite complicated to assemble. If you are attending a large camping event, such as a festival. It is advised not to wait to put up your tent. As soon as you find your designated area, you should pitch your tent immediately.

Otherwise, you may end up like this guy. He waited and paid the consequences. He was too tired to pitch his tent upon his return and ended up more with a sleeping bag rather than a tent. That said, he looks extremely comfortable right there.

No Room For A Large Tent, No Problem

Sometimes one is limited when packing for camping. Possibly you are riding a motorcycle to the site, rather than driving a car. With limited cargo space, you must make sacrifices. This picture is the perfect example of those sacrifices.

The leather garb gives away that this man is most likely a motorcycle enthusiast. His tiny personal tent gives him all the privacy he needs. His head is completely protected from the wonders of nature. Bears definitley won’t attack him in there.

Surprise Guest

When you decide to camp in the wild, you better be prepared for some unexpected guests. Just as if someone decided to camp in your backyard, animals get curious about who is encroaching on their territory.

Curiosity mixed with the smell of food is not a good one when it comes to animals. It is like a mosquito to the light. They can not stay away. Unfortunately, for this guy, the most curious animal happened to also be the most dangerous in the animal kingdom.

Cooking Tools

One of the best parts about camping is setting up the first and getting some food ready. Cooking over a campfire brings people together, as there is nothing better for people to bond over than food – Tasty savory and sweet foods, nonetheless.

However, these cooking tools will help people bond even more as they are hilarious and are definitely a conversation starter. It is also great that you can cook dinner and dessert at the same time. We wonder where one can buy these cooking tools.

Go Pitch The Tent

Pitching a tent is the term used to describe when someone sets up a tent. However, there are also other meanings to it. One tent designing company took one of those double meanings to the extreme and we’d say that it works perfectly.

We are not sure whether to laugh or be embarrassed while looking at this picture. If anything, just like the previous picture, it is certainly a conversation starter. We’re sure this will lead to lots of good laughs around the campsite.

Campsite Names

Campsites are normally located in isolated areas. Therefore, signs are needed to lead the way. One thing also needed is a name, to differentiate the campsite from surrounding sites. Here is what these guys decided to put up.

Whoever owns this campsite is either very smart or very naive. He or she picked a name that is so unique that it must attract lots of visitors each year. It will also attract a lot of laughs due to the crazy name.

Beary, Beary Hungry

Another underlying theme of these pictures is when you are camping you are no longer in your home, but rather in a wild animal’s homes. Therefore, if you can remember one rule, it is not to leave out any food.

When you do not follow this rule, this is what happens. These bear got a whiff of food and were automatically attracted to it. Hope these campers have some extra food stored in the car. On second thought, I hope the campers got out of the tent.

That Doesn’t Look Right

All tents normally have the same type of design. Tents are normally made from nylon as it protects from the rain and includes a zipper lined door. However, there are cheaper options, which are less inclement weather-friendly, such as this tent.

It also does not feature a zipper door, but rather a pull string door. Unfortunately, the designer didn’t think that through because it looks like.. well, we will leave that one up to you.

Cat Trap

Dogs are great camping companions. A younger dog can handle almost any terrain and can deal with the inclement weather if it is necessary. You won’t have a better time than you would with your dog. Cats, however, do not do so well with camping, especially if it rains.

This cat was caught in a tent and did not like feeling so confined. It is clearly trying to escape. That said, the ten is best for the cat as it can’t go out and face nature all on its own. Luckily, its owners were there to capture it all.