Tent vs RV Camping – Positives and Negatives.

Pros and cons of both.

If you’re new to camping or just want to try a different type there are some good aspects to both RV and tent camping. All you RV people may be saying no to camping in tents because of the luxuries you have in your RV but you’re missing out on some great experiences. And you tent campers may be saying no way to RV’s because it just doesn’t feel like camping when you have most of the luxuries you have at home.

One main difference is of course the most obvious, bathrooms. Most RV’s have bathrooms with holding tanks you can empty on your way home. With a tent, unless you’re in a high end campground, you have to use the great outdoors or walk to the public restrooms. A little inconvenient for some and for others part of the experience.

Second is running water. Running water is available in an RV but when tent camping you’re limited to the lake, stream or spicket that may be on or about your campsite. Less work for RV campers but when you’re out “roughing it” not having this luxury is something that may be appealing to you.

Third is you may feel safer in an Rv than in a tent. Many people think they are safe from bears and wildlife and it may be true for smaller critters but when it comes to bears you’re not any safer in an RV as a bear can open it like a tin can. Tents will give you a more outdoors feel and can be more desirable for true campers.

Here are some more quick pros and cons of both:



Beds, showers, bathrooms, warm water, microwaves, stoves, ovens, television, heaters, air conditioning


Fuel costs, upkeep, insurance, having to find a dump station, storage when not camping, detached from the outdoor experience, too much like home.



You can go places that you can’t in an RV, No distractions with modern day technologies, at one with nature, creates a family bond like no other type of camping.


Equipment can be hard to pack in to camp site, make sure you bring toilet paper or you’ll be using leaves, water can be a hike.

Some of these cons may sound like pros to some so it really depends on the person. I would like to hear some of your pros and cons along with some experiences you’ve had. Leave a comment below and happy camping!