How to Setup and Organize Your DIY Camp Kitchen

Are you looking for DIY camping ideas for your next camping trip? Then look no further! Here we show you four of our favorite DIY camping projects.

When people think of camping, they often think of campfires and snacking as being the main activities. However, if you have ever been camping, you know that you need some projects to do during the day.

This is especially true for those who are camping with the entire family.

If you go on a camping trip with no projects to do, you might be under stimulated. Chances are, not everyone is going to enjoy simply sitting in nature, talking about old times, and the like.

The key is to find some DIY camping projects that the entire family can enjoy. These projects are going to make your camping trip that much more fun and memorable.

Plus, these DIY camping projects are going to make camping feel more like home!

What About A Hot Tub?

How about having a hot tub on your next camping trip?! This can be amazing and fun, especially for the adults. This hot tub would be something that you can easily set up once you arrive at your camping destination.

Here are the steps to get your own camping hot tub!

1. Find a level location.

2. Utilize some beach logs, for the base. These need to be the same size, so bring a chainsaw with you to make cuts.

Note: do not cut down new trees for this step. Find trees that have already fallen or even bring your own logs (if the area that you are camping at does not have any fallen trees).

3. Put the tarp that you brought with you into the middle of the frame. You may want to place a rock in the middle of the tarp to keep it from moving while filling it with water.

4. Make sure that you brought a pond pump and a power inverter or generator. Use this to help fill the hot tub with water.

5. Have metal baskets on hand that is filled with rocks and place it over an open fire to add warmth to the water. Be sure to avoid getting these rocks on the tarp, as it will melt the tarp.

A Comfortable Tent Floor

For those who camp a lot, they know that the floor of a tent is not something that is going to win any awards for being comfortable.

Without any type of foam mattress or even a thick sleeping bag, you will be uncomfortable. Here is one simple idea for making the tent floor even more comfortable.

Go to your local store and find some foam floor tiles. You will often find these in bright and colorful designs because they are used in children’s playrooms. Purchase enough of them to cover the floor of your tent.

While these foam floor tiles are not like being on a feather bed, they do provide some comfort and shock absorbance compared to a basic tent floor.

This is one camping hack that is an easy project that the entire family can help with!

DIY Fire Starter

What is one problem that many campers have when they are camping? Getting their fire to light and stay lit for the rest of the day. This is especially a problem when dealing with the wet ground or even rain.

Many people decide to go with fire starter logs, which is one way of doing this. For a fun project and a camping hack that is considered one of the best, you can make a fire starter.

You can make a fire starter out of ingredients that you often have lying around the house.

These are often ingredients that you may normally throw away… so it is a great use of recycled products.

The materials that you are going to need to include are:

  • An Empty Egg Carton
  • Dryer Lint
  • An Empty Egg Carton
  • Old Candle Stubs
  • Dental Floss
  • Scissors

Here is how to make your own fire starters from dryer lint:

1. Cut the old candle stubs. If you don’t have any and are using wax, cut it into small strips or chunks that are easier to melt.

2. Take the empty egg carton and fill this with dryer lint. Remember the more dryer lint you put into the egg compartments, the longer it is going to burn.

3. Cut each egg compartment and then fold the ends onto each other.

4. Tie each egg compartment with dental floss.

5. Take the wax that you cut up earlier and in a disposable glass jar, place these wax pieces. You will want to place them into a pot of boiling water but be sure that the glass does not tilt over. You want to melt the wax.

6. Take the egg compartment by the dental floss and dip it into the melted wax. Fully submerse them. Remove them once they are covered and let them dry. Within an hour, they should be rock solid and ready to start a fire for your next campout!My Amazon Picks

DIY Camp Kitchen

A camp kitchen is a necessity for those who go camping frequently. This type of hack can make cooking meals so much easier. A designated kitchen space is much better than having everything scattered around your campground.

The key components of a camp kitchen are that it fits your needs. Many people want something that can easily fit into their car, can fold down for easy storage, and is cheap to make.My Amazon Picks

Here is how to make a simple camp kitchen:

1. Utilizing wood you may have on hand, create a box. You can make this into whatever dimensions that are going to work well for you. Be sure to measure the vehicle that you will be transporting this box into.

2. Leave off the front of the box, as this is going to later be the drop-down portion of the camp kitchen. Be sure to have some hinges on hand for this.

3. Inside of the box, divide this into compartments for those items that you plan to put into your camp kitchen. This is why you want to have a plan beforehand that is already sketched out. A sketch will allow you to know where to put everything properly. Utilize wood for shelving to make it more organized.

4. Add hinges to the front of the box, along with a locking mechanism on the top of the box for secure lifting and traveling.

5. At the campsite, you can lower the front of the box down to make a table of sorts to cook on.

This kitchen camping hack is one that you cannot do without, as it allows you to better prepare meals while camping!

Whether you need a camping stove, fire starters or even want to have a little fun with a hot tub that you can camp with, these DIY projects are a hit.

They are going to be something that will make your camping trip that much more enjoyable! And remember, these are all projects that the entire family can be involved in.