Full-Time RVing Isn’t For Everyone

Do you dream of full-time RVing?

Do you have dreams of living in an RV, traveling full-time, and having the freedom of going where you want, whenever the mood strikes? That’s what most people who dream of full-time RVing think the lifestyle is all about.

They’ve been looking forward to the day when they can join the thousands of other full-time RVers, but when it’s time to make the move they learn their partner isn’t quite as excited as they are.  Now what to do?

Your living room can be anywhere when full-time RVing

What is full-time RVing?

It means that someone lives in an RV full-time. That’s it. They live in an RV, whether it’s set up permanently or whether they have the ability to move their RV around the country they too are full-timers. Full-time RVing is a lifestyle choice many people are preferring for their retirement years.

A few years ago, my husband and I chose to live in an RV for the purpose of being able to move around from place to place for both work and pleasure. We sold our house, downsized our personal belongings, and moved into a very comfortable fifth-wheel.

For me, this was the perfect lifestyle. It was flexible, comfortable, affordable, and manageable. Plus, I was back amongst some of my favorite people–RVers. Most people whose dream of becoming full-time RVers picture themselves living the way we were.

Full-time RVing

RVing means parking anywhere with a beautiful view.

Choosing the RV lifestyle can be scary

Not everyone is comfortable with selling their home and downsizing into an RV. In a perfect world, it would be nice to have the house waiting when we are tired of traveling, become ill, or want to settle down again.

For most of us, this is not an option. Selling our homes gives us the money to afford the lifestyle and makes it possible for us to travel full-time in an RV.

It can be a difficult decision to sell your house, furnishings, keepsakes, and things you’ve been accumulating over the years. For many, it’s not difficult. They want to relieve themselves of having the responsibility of maintaining a home and yard and everything that goes with it.

They’ve been dreaming of hitting the road for so long they have absolutely no problem with making the decision. For others, it can cause apprehension and tension that may be insurmountable. It’s a huge step.


Selling everything in a yard sale to go full-time RVing


Sometimes and most often it’s about compromising. There’s usually ways to compromise that will satisfy both parties involved. Maybe do a trial run for six months and have someone take care of your home while you’re away. See if you actually like being a full-time RVer.

Another suggestion is to place renters in your home and put your personal belongings in storage. Come back after a year of living in your RV and make a final decision at that time.

If it’s important to have a home base then it might work by having an apartment to come back to or have a permanent RV lot to spend time at when you’re not traveling. It may be necessary for one of the partners to travel alone and the other joins them periodically. There’s no right or wrong answer. Make it work for you if it’s important.

Motorhome for full-time RVing

Photo compliments of Flickr – Full-time RVing anywhere.

We should have become full-time RVers sooner

Full-time RVing may not be for everyone, but those who do choose this lifestyle are usually extremely happy with the decision they made. It’s common to hear, “We should have done it sooner.”

For couples who were initially at opposite ends of the spectrum, they often agree to compromise and make it work in their own way. The popularity of full-time RVing is growing every year.

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